TMC Leisure is a family run business, established over 40 years. The UK's largest Adria Sun Living dealership, North's largest Roller Team Dealership, an Auto-Trail Tribute Dealership and the UK & Ireland sole concessionaire of the Caretta teardrop trailers. We're a Camping & Caravanning Club Preferred Dealer and an NEC Approved Workshop member.

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Caretta Off Road

The Caretta Off-Road is fully braked, with a custom chassis, and suitable for all terrain vehicles. No need to stick to the campsite with this Off-Road model, so let the adventures begin… The spacious interior features a 1500mm wide bed, perfect for those requiring that extra luxury after an energetic day. Fit the optional awning, and the Turtle 1500 Off-Road really does become the ultimate in compact family getaways. As with the standard 1500 the off road boasts a sleek design featuring a built-in aerodynamic spoiler to give superb towing performance and handling. The tailgate lifts to reveal the beautifully equipped galley, complete with stove, sink, fridge, water supply and a quality worktop with cupboards above.

Caretta 1500

Live the adventure with the Caretta 1500 teardrop caravan. Stable and aerodynamic, it lightweight. So you don’t need a big engine to tow it. Hitch it to the family saloon or a small hatchback and you’re ready to go. Ideal for the lazy camper, you won’t need to bother with tent poles or fold-out beds. And manoeuvring it onto your pitch is child’s play. The spacious bed is 1500 x 2000 mm – lots of room for a couple. And even enough for a little one, if you’re travelling as a family. The rear compartment opens to reveal a kitchen, complete with hob, fridge and sink. The Caretta 1500 has lots of useful extras and storage options. It’s economical to run and easy to maintain. Read on for more details: The Caretta 1500 has a classic teardrop silhouette. A front locker provides easy access to the leisure battery and electricals, as well as useful storage space. The spacious bed takes up the body of the trailer, so you can just fall in after a long day exploring. The kitchen stand at the back has everything you need to prepare enjoyable meals. The Caretta 1500 is easy to unhitch from your car, for day trips without the trailer. The Caretta 1500 has lots of optional extras:
  • LCD TV
  • DVD Player, Radio
  • Heating system
  • Rear Steadies
Ready for your next adventure? Get in touch if you need any further information. We’d love to hear from you.

Caretta Cargo

The Caretta Cargo is our entry level Teardrop trailer, a real workhorse designed for maximum versatility. Simple yet versatile; the Cargo is primarily a load hauler. Rugged enough to carry all sorts; throw in your mountain bikes, take it on camping or hiking adventures or to the beach for fishing or surfing. It is the perfect way for enthusiasts to travel to shows and events such is its practicality. It also has enough space inside to convert to a more basic two-berth cabin if you just add a mattress inside. Businesses can use the Cargo as an invaluable tool with their own livery and graphics to instantly create a rolling signboard, equipment trailer, events or delivery vehicle. The Cargo is built to the highest specification, fully insulated, with galvanized chassis and feature sports alloy wheels to make it look the business.

Caretta Shop

The Caretta Shop is our commercial vehicle; aimed mainly at business who need to transport and sell goods from the same place. Perfect for festivals and trade shows; brand it up and you not only have a storage and selling facility; but constant mobile advertising for your product or brand. Weighing 350kgs means you dont need to pay a fortune for a big vehicle to move you around; a standard car will do just fine. The caretta shop can be put up in a matter of minutes; up pops the top and down comes the serving counter so no fuss when setting up and taking down; meaning if you want to you can be the last in and the first to leave!

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